Words Work


No matter the media, no matter the message, words get the job done.

Great visuals can grab attention; the right music will set the tone or evoke an emotional response. But words close the deal.

In this rapidly evolving digital age, words are more important than ever. We communicate more via e-mail, blogs, text messaging and web sites than we do in person or verbally.

First impressions are important. Will your next big customer get the right impression when he Googles your company before he calls (or, more likely, sends an email)?

Setting the right tone and sending the right message have never been more important than they are today. Good spelling and grammar and coherent, easy-to-understand copy send positive messages – both direct and subliminal – about you and your company. A message that contains misspellings or is poorly worded can be distracting, perhaps enough to send that client elsewhere.

Executives need good writing. As the global conversation moves to the blogosphere, many C-level executives are blogging, or are expected to do so. That message needs to set the perfect tone, while appearing to be casually and personally written.

Send the right message. Put words to work for your company today.


I am an experienced writer, editor, publisher, marketing communications, public relations and Web content consultant with more than two decades of experience. My background encompasses media ranging from The Web, e-mail and blogs to newspapers, websites, magazines, book publishing, marketing collateral of all types, events, ghost writing, speech writing and presentations.

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