Quality Companies Move to the Pink Sheets

Published by Buyside

For most public companies, being “in the pinks” has been a stigma to be avoided at all costs. Savvy investors viewed these stocks as a “pink flag” signifying that the company was in trouble. And for years, the pink sheets were inhabited primarily by over-hyped and often worthless penny stocks foisted off on unwitting investors looking for that one cheap investment that was going to make them wealthy. Others were troubled companies  just passing through on their way to oblivion.

But a change is taking place. In recent months, trading volume in pink sheet stocks has increased dramatically, surpassing volume on the soon-to-be-disbanded OTC Bulletin Board. While still nowhere near the tremendous trading volumes of the NYSE or Nasdaq, trading in pink sheet stocks has approached 300 million shares a day. It’s important to keep that figure in perspective; on a recent day in late May, the value of all those trades was slightly more than $100 million, or about 33 cents per share. In contrast, volume on New York’s Big Board has averaged more than 1.4 billion shares daily. Continue reading “Quality Companies Move to the Pink Sheets”