New Corporate Governance Measures Lengthen Deal Cycle


Published by Reuters

New laws and regulations aimed at stemming the tide of corporate fraud will have a lasting impact on mergers and acquisitions. And while the short-term impact is slowing the already glacial pace of merger activity, in the long run, the new rules will help deals get done, experts say.

In late July, President George W. Bush signed the Sarbanes-Oxley act into law. Called the most sweeping reform of U.S. securities laws since the 1930s, Sarbanes-Oxley is part of an all-fronts effort to restore faith in corporate leaders. The SEC has passed rules creating a new accounting oversight board and is beefing up its enforcement efforts.

And there is still more to come: the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) is considering new measures, SEC is currently considering new rules to oversee lawyers involved in securities work, and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) may also review some of its rules. Continue reading “New Corporate Governance Measures Lengthen Deal Cycle”

Former Reporter Describes Simple Steps to Working with Media

Building a successful relationship with the press in your target industry is a frequently misunderstood process.

Treat the media the way you treat your customers. Why are the best companies successful? More than pitching their products, they listen. They ask questions to determine the customer’s needs, then try to fill that need. When your client complains he or she doesn’t understand the media, use this sales analogy. It’s a context they recognize.

Too often, communications between public relations professionals and media is all one-way. You’ve got a product to promote, so you bombard the press with releases, whether or not they are timely or relevant. Continue reading “Former Reporter Describes Simple Steps to Working with Media”