Drilling for Profits

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Analysts See Oil Industry as Safe Haven for Investments

Sales of gas-glugging SUVs outpace most other vehicles.  The eastern U.S. shivers in the grip of one of the coldest winters in recent memory. War with Iraq grows more likely every day.

These seemingly disparate facts of American daily life all have one thing in common: They are all positive signs for investors in the oil and natural gas industries. Experts say investors haven’t yet warmed to the notion of investing in the oil and gas sector, even though the outlook is encouraging.

Companies ranging from the international “super majors” whose operations cover the entire spectrum from searching for new oilfields to filling an automobile’s gas tank to the independent firms with specialty niches like seismic data analysis that are both profitable and undervalued — still a rare combination in today’s markets. Continue reading “Drilling for Profits”

One-man nano investment bank plays matchmaker to firms, funders

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March 2003

Here’s one more sign the nanotech industry is getting closer to maturity: A former Wall Street analyst is creating what he calls the first investment bank focused solely on the nano business.

NanoTech Financing Solutions LLC was formed late last year by R. Douglas Moffat, who wants to help startups with promising technologies navigate the treacherous waters of corporate finance. It’s a one-man firm right now, but eventually Moffat wants to branch out and launch a venture capital fund to invest in nanotech companies.

One of the most difficult challenges for any emerging technology is to bridge the gap between its beginnings in a research lab and creation of a company prepared to bring commercially viable products to market. Along the way, the company’s financial backing must evolve through several stages. Continue reading “One-man nano investment bank plays matchmaker to firms, funders”